Friday, 19 August 2016

5 Ways to Look More Attractive as a Woman

When it comes to what they find attractive, guys seem to adhere to their own set of mysterious standards. While we tend to flaunt whatever beauty look we want and encourage other women to do the same—whether it’s bright purple lipstick or a messy topknot—we have to admit that a teeny-tiny part of us is curious about what exactly the magic formula is for good ol’ double-take.
With this in mind, a little research was conducted earlier this year by brydie, the interesting study was about what traits are supposedly “most attractive” to men. Curious? Bored? Want a laugh? Keep
scrolling to read the 5  things that make women more attractive to men, according to science.

1. Less Make up: 

Have you ever heard the popular saying " less is more fashion"? yup!! that saying equally applies to wearing make-up, most women think that caking up their face with heavy metallic looking make up gives them a glow, but to dissappoint you, what you get with those heavy make up is barbie look, if you want that sexy, spiky and feminine unique look, wear less make up.

2. Whiter teeth:   
There's something unique about a clean white teeth when you smile, it warms your entire face and gives you a unique glow, want to whiten your teeth? yup!! try this out: mix baking soda with fresh squeezed lemon and use to brush your teeth once a week, you'd be surprised at the fast result you'd get, (muah Adeyinka Emeka of provibber have tried it, guess what?  IT WORKS LIKE MAGIC).

3.Red lipstick: 

Study shows that there's a direct correlation between the color red and males attraction to females, no wonder red is the color of love and passion.

 4. Curves and Contour:

Having a large hips gives a woman a lady like appearance,  if you don't have a large hips, here is the trick: rock high heel shoes when stepping out, it gives a false look of larger hips. you'd thank me later.

5. Brunette rocks:

Dark brown shade of hair styles suits virtually all skin tone, you really should incorporate this into your hair styling routing, black and blonde hairstyles only give you a loud look, if you want that sexy attractive look, rock brunettes.

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