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Some questions are deemed inappropriate if they are directed at women.  despite the blend in cultural values and beliefs, Nigerian women would be as blunt as western women. You really should think before asking some questions in order not to pass for being nosy.
There are questions you should never ask a Nigerian woman, questions as such are usually sensitive and may put the woman on the edge, it may mount unnecessary pressure on her and spin her into series of thoughts. Most women avoid questions like that or become defensive when being asked; they either lie or hold on to vital parts of the information.

Find below some of the questions you should never ask a Nigerian woman:

1. How many months pregnant are you?

Hello!! what do you want to do with the pregnancy? Don't even go there, the moment you ask a Nigerian woman who is pregnant such question, you automatically become a suspect with evil intentions, why do you want to know how many months a pregnant woman's has left? Nigerian women have a culture of shielding their pregnancy in secrecy, so never ask a Nigerian woman such question.

2. How many men have you dated?

No matter how close you are to a woman, you should avoid asking her questions like this. It ticks women off when they are being asked questions as personal as this. Apart from the fact that it is not your business, you
could also get insulted for poking your nose into their affairs. A Nigerian woman may flare up when being asked this question as she may feel you are indirectly calling her a whore. 

3. Can I kiss you?

Just where do you think you are, some foreign country? Wake up; this is Nigeria and women get irritated when they are being asked a question like this. If the kiss did not happen based on emotions, then it would never happen if you are waiting for an answer. You have to learn to seize the moment. Nigerian women are cultured; asking them this question in moments when they have waves of emotions flooding their thoughts will elicit a negative response.

4. What Caused your parents Death? 

If you honestly expect a Nigerian woman to go into details of what caused the death of one of her loved ones, then you are not on this planet. Information like that are considered personal and you may never get the truth. Why would you ask this question in the first place? You sef… you like aproko!

5. Why are you not pregnant?

 It is seriously annoying when people do not allow you to breathe simply because you just got married.
Some people naturally make your affair their business. Some people think they have the right to ask people who are married questions like this simply because they are friends. The point is you have to know your limits as a friend even in situations like this. It could be traumatic asking a woman who is having difficulty with conceiving a sensitive question like that. This would make her depressed and get worked up.

6. How come you have just a child?

You should never ask a Nigerian woman this question no matter how close you are to the family. Some people’s mouths would never stop running, they do not know when to keep quiet. What business of yours is it for you to ask a woman this question? Do you have an interest in helping her raise the other kids?  

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